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Welcome to CPF PEI!

Canadian Parents for French – Prince Edward Island, is a registered charitable organization. It is one of ten provincial Branches of our national organization, Canadian Parents for French. We also have local Chapters across the province that carry out activities that support French as a second language (FSL) learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Each CPF PEI Branch and Chapter is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. CPF National, Branches and Chapters are made up of mainly English speaking volunteers who have taken a membership in the organization to show their support in CPF. These volunteers assist in the planning and implementation of programs and activities. It is only through the interest and support of volunteers that we are able to continue to offer programs to Island students. We thank you! Want to know more about the history of CPF PEI?  >>READ MORE 

Advocacy and Support for FSL Education

CPF promotes quality FSL education at all levels both independently and through collaboration with like-minded organizations. CPF works with teachers, principals, trustees and school boards to promote and improve FSL opportunities at the local level. CPF National works with the federal government and national organizations involved in education to create an environment supportive of French second language education. CPF Branches works with Ministries or Departments of Education, teacher organizations, and other groups concerned about education to ensure that there is support for French second language education.


CPF seeks to raise awareness of culture and the value of learning French as a second language by sponsoring cultural events in communities throughout Canada. CPF organizes French language activities for students from across the province or territory.

Member Services

As a grassroots organization, CPF prides itself on the service and value offered to its members. CPF acts as an information resource for parents and organizes community events. CPF Chapters organize in-school activities such as winter carnivals, performances by French-speaking artists, public speaking contests and a myriad of activities that support and enhance learning French. Out of school activities include programs like summer camps. CPF services continue to expand to meet the needs of its members. CPF provides volunteer training and development. CPF provides information and resources about French second language learning.

CPF sponsors out-of-school programs such as winter and summer camps, exchanges, educational visits and weekend workshops for all students learning French.

CPF fundraises to support these activities and to provide materials.

See more on CPF PEI’s activities HERE

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