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Welcome to Glen Stewart Primary

The Glen Stewart Primary Chapter was started in June 2011 and is associated with the Glen Stewart Home and School Association.

Angela MacDonald and Marsha Cusack

Vice President

Membership Chair

Past Presidents:

1st President Kara Jain 2011-2013

2nd President Danielle Boyce 2013-2015

Chapter Projects: coming soon!
• If you would like to become a member or volunteer with the KISH Chapter, please contact Angela at [email protected]  or Marsha at [email protected].

• For school info, please click here.

October 2015

Nancy Kitson, FI Kindergarten teacher is holding French parents sessions once a month at the shool.  Check out her blog.

October 2014

Glen Stewart School has won $10,000 in books from Indigo.  Team leader Carrie St-Jean sends her thanks to parents, grandparents, the Home and School and the many more people that helped make this happen.  Books for both the french and English libraries will be purchased over the next year.

Danielle Boyce, Chapter liaison for CPF at Glen Stewart School just returned form a National Conference for CPF in Ottawa.  She took part in workshops, team building and networking opportunities.  For more on CPF check out our national site at

November 4th a French performance will be held at Carrefour for our Gr. 2 & 3 FI classes (10:00 – 10:55).   This is sponsored by the Department of French Programs and Services. Teachers will be sending permission slips home.

This year the French Immersion Information Session for parents considering French immersion will be held in Families of Schools.  For the  Charlottetown Rural & Colonel Gray Families of Schools you can attend either the Wednesday, November 5, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. at Sherwood Elementary (64 Maple Avenue, Sherwood) or  Monday, November 10, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. at Glen Stewart Primary (34 Glen Stewart Drive, Stratford)

Check out CPF’s site for lots of help on making your decision.  Try here.

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