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Welcome KISH!

The KISH Chapter was started in June 2009 with incoming President  Tara Davison, Vice Presidents Emma and Wayne Gallant and Treasurer  Grace Haslam.

In February 2015 the new president is Juanita Boucher with Secretary Laura Newrick and returning Treasurer Grace Haslam .

• If you would like to become a member or volunteer with the KISH Chapter, please contact Laura Newrick

To become a member Membership Form _full_ pei address

• For school info, please click here.

Minutes of Meetings

KISH minutes Nov 26 2015 KISH minutes May 21 2015 KISH minutes June 25 2015 KISH minutes Jan 21 2016 KISH minutes Feb.18 2016 KISH minutes Aug 10 2015 KISH minutes April 23 2015 KISH minutes Dec 17 2015 KISH minutes Oct 15 2015

Meeting schedule: A monthly meeting will take place every 3rd Thursday in the KISH library at 6:30pm,with our 1st one on Oct.15,2015. Dates of meetings to follow are: November 19,2015, December 17,2015, January 21,2016 February 18,2016, March 17,2016, April 21,2016, May 19,2016 which will be the last meeting of the KISH chapter in which business will be completed,. June meeting will be held if required to recap the year.


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