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Volunteer Opportunities

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) PEI is seeking new voices for our Provincial Board of Directors.

We would like to invite you to show your interest in French-second-language education through volunteering on our Board of Directors.  We are an enthusiastic group that works at providing opportunities for youth and information to parents.

Directors are elected for either one or two-year terms and are responsible for supporting the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.  Board of Director Positions are voluntary and travel is required. Travel expenses are reimbursed.  The Board of Directors meets in person at least four times a year; other meetings occur by teleconference.

If you value French-second-language programs as an integral part of PEI’s schools and if you are dedicated to providing opportunities for young Canadians to learn and use French, we need you!

Can you offer these skills?
• You enjoy working on the big picture
• You are innovative and responsive
• You can respectfully share your views
• You work well independently and as part of a team
• You are a good communicator
• You have a love for languages and an awareness of FSL issues
• You are comfortable with computers and have access to email

If you wish more information on CPF please call the office at 902-368-3703 or email to [email protected]

Become a Member

Proud of Two Languages Circle

What can you do as a parent to help ensure your children won’t miss out on becoming bilingual? By helping CPF to make your case through research. Research on education issues is being conducted across Canada every day, and CPF is a major player in commissioning some of the leading research on second-language learning. Solid, research-backed advocacy efforts can be the key to making school administrators understand that bilingualism isn’t just a nice dream: it deserves to be a reality for your child and others in your community.

It’s never been easier to support research for FSL education. You can prearrange to have your donation to CPF deducted monthly from your bank account or credit card—it’s easy! Sign up for CPF’s Proud of Two Languages Circle, and whether you can give $5 a month or $50, your funds are supporting the work that goes towards improving the quality FSL programs Canada has to offer, and providing you with the facts you need to help your child.

On the 15th of each month your gift will be deducted and you’ll have a record of your gift on your bank or credit card statement. You save time and money without dishing out for cheques and stamps, and so does CPF! We’ll send you one tax receipt for your total gifts in February of each year. Your information will be kept completely confidential, and you can cancel or revise your donation at any time.

To sign up , cancel, or adjust your donation amount, call CPF at 613.235.1481 x236 or email [email protected].

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