Remembrances of CPF

Remembrances of CPF2017-05-30T05:13:11-04:00

“CPF: 10 years of fun making French the important part of PEI. What a wonderful organization!”

Best to all of future CPF PEI 

Maryse “Reese” Peneaux


“When I first started teaching in Alberta, CPF was an excellent support for me. When I returned to PEI and worked as a consultant, the support continued. Gail Lecky has been an excellent leader for FL on PEI.”


Deneen L. Norring


“L’implication ide CPF-PEI dars symposium à UPEI en Décembre 2015. Without the leadership of Gail, I am not sure this event would be such a success.”


“In Oct. 2016, as part of the CPF conference in Ottawa, early CPF directors on the national board & CPF founders were recognized and celebrated. Wonderful memory! “


Mary Lou Morrison


“Loved the experience of Camp Goéland! Also, I can still sing the verb conjugations of être-Je suis, tu es, il est, ell est, nous sommes…will never forget it!”


“Many fond memories of my involvement with CPF. I think my favorite involvement was with the local chapter- Kings. We often hosted French Bingo, French movies and a yearly French fun night, one highlight was the interest we had from the students to participate in the Montague Parade in July.”

Nancy Matheson


Belle mémoire…

“Toutes les belles occasions que j’ai eues de travailler avec Gail et toute l’équipe de CPF!

All the wonderful opportunities I had to collaborate with Gail and the CPF team!”



“Having had the opportunity to do my education in French has opened so many doors for me, from the ability to participate in various youth activities and youth exchanges. More importantly, every single job I’ve ever had, I‘ve gotten because I’m bilingual. Thant’s over 30 yrs. and many jobs!”


“Happy 40th Anniversary; La Voix Acadienne has had the opportunity to partner with CPF and this has given us visibility and a way to promote the only French provincial language newspaper.

Thank you

La Voix Acadienne


 “”My children had an amazing experience in French Immersion at Montague Consolidated School.”


“My first memory of CPF is as a Core French student in Grade 11, 30 years ago. I participated in the Concour oratoire. Now I have taught 10 years in French Immersion, raised my kids in French education and educate new French teachers at UPEI. Love CPF”

Mary MacPhee


“Helping organize community activities-Christmas parties, French movies, gym activities for families. The recognition that students did not learn French at school alone but also at family activities. Personal level- Met Gail Lecky at an Ottawa trip that was informative and hilarious.”

Queens County


“Reception at Rideau Hall with GG Jeanne Sauvé PEI Director, AGM in Whitehorse, Opposition by School boards against FI, Receiving a Life membership, we were pioneers and helped build a better country.”


“As the 1st Executive Director of PEI, it is a delight to see how the organization has grown from one file cabinet in my basement to the vibrant organization that continues to advocate for French second language education on PEI. Another great memory was Barachois wowing the audience at the National Conference held in Charlottetown. “

Mar Thomson


“Line ups for registration at Queen Charlotte High school. Joe Ghiz lining up for his daughters (Joanne) registration to Early Immersion. All the meetings, meetings and more meetings.”


“My favorite FSL memories are the 10 + Concours d’art oratoire that I have organized. The enthusiasm and motivation of the kids who attended is a testament to the dedication of their parents and teachers!”

Rebecca Lancaster



“Let me be frank. When I was a consultant, CPF was a pain in my butt! That was then, this is now. CPF is now a partner with all kinds of organizations and is highly respected. No longer a pain! We are moving after 40 years into the 21st century-vital and influential.”


“I have many memories of my involvement with CPF over my years teaching Core French. One of the highlights each year was la Semaine de la francophonie, the programs CPF funded. I loved the sessions with Albert & Chuck-the kids loved them! On a personal note, I will never forget the ceremony (& surprise) for winning the Education of the Year. It was a high-light of the career.”


“One little boy from QEES got the award for most improved in French it brought him to tears that he was chosen  for the award.”


“I didn’t realize how significate CPF was until I was fortunate to attend the national AGM in Ottawa. There I met a lot of enthusiastic people excited and so supportive about French learners.”


“Met fantastic & enthusiastic people at the general meeting in Ottawa. I learned a lot about volunteering, CPF and about dedication from parents, and teachers. Most important, I learned through this year that education in French is very important.”

Marina Silva-Opps


“I really enjoyed my time with CPF PEI and CPF National. I was the first vice president elected at AGM without serving in the local chapter. At my first trip to National AGM, Marg came to see me and asked how did you do it? I just replied, I enrolled my daughter in French Immersion by lining up all night to register. Rest is history.”

Congratulations to CPF on the 40th Anniversary

Dr. Najam Chishti

Volunteer President PEI


“Me pouvoirs premier vont à M. Raymond Arseneau qui, le premier, a amené des jeunes anglophones au Centre Nautique de L’Istorlet. Mon deuxiéme souvenir va à Gail Lecky qui a toujours pu comprendre la dynamique d’une camp d’immersion et aussi celle d’un stage linguistique. Richard Rice restera aussids mes souvenirs.”

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