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Do you want to have extracurricular activities for your child in French? Do you want a say in what those activities might be? You will also be gaining new skills, knowledge and achieving personal growth.It is not necessary that you speak French to volunteer with CPF. For the most part, our members and volunteers are English speaking parents with children in a French Program. Volunteers get together to plan or improve opportunities for children learning a second language both inside and outside the classroom.

If you have a couple of hours a day, week or a month you can help out. There is something that will interest you and suit your skills. Some examples of volunteers we need are:

Local Chapter initiatives – start a CPF PEI  Chapter in your school, you can run the Chapter, help with activities or anything in between.   Major responsibilities include assessing the needs of the French second language students and responding to those needs.

Newsletter Editor – help put together articles for the Branch newsletter, help stuff it into envelopes for mailings or start a Chapter newsletter of your own.

Join the Provincial Board – be part of the advocacy efforts for better programs or help lobby to start new French Immersion, Intensive French programs in schools.

Committee Chairs and members – want to reach more members? Recruit volunteers? Develop new activities? All these volunteer “Jobs” are required to make your child’s French learning experience a valuable and rewarding one.

Be a CPF representative at functions – CPF display opportunities i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Home & School Annual Meeting, Meet the Teacher Night / Carrefour functions / other organizations events – usually 2 or 3 hours (not always necessary that you speak French).

French BINGO – booking location, picking up BINGO prizes & snacks, scheduling volunteers to supervise children, sending out notices to schools – approximately 3 to 4 hours.

French Movie Night – booking location, picking up popcorn & drinks, scheduling volunteers to supervise children, selecting a movie (DVD movies have the option of selecting a French version) – approximately 3 or 4 hours.

French Reading Club – volunteers can read a story in French to students, or students can take turns reading a specific story / can be weekly at school or monthly at a selected location. Number of hours would depend on the chosen set up.

Annual General Meeting
Plans, organizes and promotes CPF-PEI’s Annual Meeting.  Help make a great event for our hardworking    volunteers! Recommend and secure appropriate guest speakers, pick a great venue and organize the event!

CPF PEI Educator of the Year
Assist us in choosing our next wonderful educator to honor with this over 30 year award.  Solicit nominations and oversee the judging process, securing sponsors and organizing and promoting the event.

Policy Review and Development
Not everyone like policies but some do! Are you one of those people? You can help review current policies, make recommendations for new or changes in polices, help write them .. all these things are needed for a organization like ours.

Policy & Government Affairs
Know something about FSL education on PEI? Help us to develops and promote position statements for the board of directors on issues concerning French second-language education issues.  If you can, help write briefs or submissions to education and language officials.

Membership & Marketing
Ensures CPF-PEI membership is kept informed of issues and activities.  Promotes membership growth, service and retention.

Revenue Development & Fundraising
Major responsibilities include finding and developing successful fund-raising events suitable for CPF-PEI Branch and Chapters


CPF PEI Volunteer Award / J Elmer Hynes award recipients 


CPF PEI Volunteer Handbook 2012

Community Services Bursary

The Department of Education and the Department of Development and Technology offer to Grade 11 and 12 student the opportunity to earn tuition credits while volunteering for a non-profit organization within the community. All students registered in this program and who plan to attend a post-secondary institution are eligible for a tuition credit up to $500, earned at $5 per hour.

CPF PEI is a registered non-profit organization in this program.

For more information and registration forms about the program, please click here.

Volunteer job opportunity choices with CPF PEI

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