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The Canadian Education Association recently brought together people form many walks of life interested in education. The new EdCan Network provides professional learning and voice to teachers, principals, superintendents and researchers. This growing pan-Canadian network of independent experts examine today’s school and classroom challenges with courage and honesty. They do this by delivering pragmatic evidence-based content that connects policy and research to classroom practice, bringing clarity to the often-polarizing debates about how best to improve Canadian public education. 

CPF PEI’ Executive Director was a participant in the Atlantic Regional Exchange held in Halifax November 2, 2016.  A follow up was done with each delegate to get their thoughts on what they believe is important in education, their hopes and realities.


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Saint Mary’s University held the Value of Languages Symposium at Saint Mary’s on November 18 2016.  CPF PEI’s Executive Director attended.   See agenda and speakers here.


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