Free achievement certificates

Free achievement certificates

Attention: Grade 1 & Grade 7 French Immersion
Grade 4 Mid Immersion teachers
Grade 6 Intensive French teachers
Grade 4 Core French teachers

We are pleased to offer Student Recognition Certificates for your students. Certificates offered are: First year in a French Immersion, (this year K, Grade 4 Mid and Grade 7 LFI), First Year in Core French (Grade 4.) and Congratulations on a successful Intensive French Program (Grade 6.)

The certificates are printed on color card stock, 4.5” x 5.5.” for Core and Intensive French, 8.5”x11” for Immersion. The sizes are based on the potential numbers that will need to be printed.

The certificates are ready for presentation with the addition of the student’s and teacher’s name, we can pre print the teacher’s name if you wish. If you would like a variation of this please let us know. Please return this letter with the number of certificates you require. We will send them through the school mail system.

Call Gail at 368-3703 or email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

School Name: _________________________

Teacher’s name: _______________________

Grade _____ Program _______ Number ____

Grade _____ Program _______ Number ____

Thank you for participating.

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