Opportunity to work on a great new project!

//Opportunity to work on a great new project!

Opportunity to work on a great new project!

Interested in a new challenge? CPF PEI and partners are looking for a person interested in completing the following project.  If you are hard-working, passionate and want to support learning and living in French on PEI, this might be for you.


Under the guidance of CPF PEI and the steering committee made up of representatives from UPEI Faculty of Education, Collège de l’Îlle, Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin, French Programs Dept of Education and  La Commission scolaire de langue français the following outcomes are desired.

  1. By March 31, 2018, a consortium representing both official languages groups will have been established to facilitate discussions about the health of French education and culture on the Island.


  • Bring together 10-2 partner organizations with a wide variety of mandates but similar goals (promotion of French language and culture). Identify the person in each of these associations that would make the best member of the consortium i.e.: interest, time, decision makers, relevant, knowledgeable, commitment, understand community, understand diversity, accept perspectives and ideas different from their own, highly regarded and respected by peers, act as change agents, good listeners, and communicators, have excellent conflict resolution skills.
  • Establish terms of reference (draft available)
  • Establish a working schedule and long term plan
  • Facilitate meeting until the end of the contract term
  1. By March 31, 2018, a one-stop shop identifying all French cultural activities will be available to the Islanders. (see notes under website) 


As part of the discussion within the PROVINCIAL SYMPOSIUM CONSULTATION ON CULTURE AND SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION 2015: PERSPECTIVE FOR THE FUTURE, it was decided to establish a “one-stop shop” to access French language activities on PEI. https://pei.cpf.ca/the-consultation-on-culture-and-language-learning-2015-perspective-for-the-future/

This would include extracurricular student opportunities/activities, a calendar, contributors, contests, exchanges, including opportunities Canada-wide. This website would need to have a plan for upkeep, domain name and who holds it, longevity plan, be easily accessible, be comfortable for both Francophones and Francophiles to use, could be sponsored, or have sponsors (ads) (policy would be needed), a launch for the site, partner links etc.
A model is http://www.frenchstreet.ca/en/

Note: La Voix Acadienne is currently working on a project like this, is this a partnership opportunity?

  1. Between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018, CPF-PEI will have facilitated the progress of at least three activities listed in the action plans resulting from the 2015 Open Community Symposium. This work will include making contacts, determining suitability for partnerships/project development and facilitating the partnerships to accomplish the projects chosen.


In order to understand what activities might be suitable to follow up on, the work done in 2015 will have to be reviewed.  Some of this work has begun by Sylvain Gagnon (UPEI).

  1. Forty-four (44) participants submitted action plans during the Symposium. The Symposium did not provide much time for these individuals to elaborate in detail as to what they want to undertake. They also did not have an opportunity to share their plans with the rest of the group which might have resulted in some duplication of effort There may be the potential to form alliances with other participants to enrich the strategies they intended to carry forward. In light of this, a follow up with participants is needed. Specifically, a need to update the list of all participants, names, emails and phone #, work/job, what they said they would do, what they did.  (OUTPUT is the listing with info, as noted this has been started, a determination of the extend it is done is needed)
  2. From this update a determination of what are the potentials for partnership from this group? Create a list of potential partners, activities, players, and timelines. Once it is determined which projects have potential (can be completed with a timeline, have variety, have various partners, have enough financial backing etc.) then the chosen projects are to be completed and facilitated by the employee.
  3. Contact with participants to inform them we are working on next steps. (the next steps will have to be decided first) WHICH WILL INCLUDE A FOLLOW UP WORKSHOP


Possible date: 2/1/2018, Program: what has been done since the last workshop, what has changed. Alternatively, if this was held sooner rather than later this workshop could also inform the consortium discussions.  Who to invite, topics, when, where, costs,

Contract          $18,000-22,000 including HST
Work to begin immediately
Office space available, if necessary
Work independently
Periodic reports
Knowledge/connections in both first and second language French communities
Knowledge/connections in Education system
Fluently bilingual French /English
Excellent Communication skills (social media, press releases etc.)
Team player
Excellent computer skills (all word-processing programs, Excel, etc.)
Technical Competency
Good work ethic
Problem-solving skills

Please send your letter of interest along with a work history and references to:

CPF PEI at [email protected] by July 21, 2017

Gail Lecky
Executive Director
Canadian Parents for French PEI
PO Box 2785
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 8C4
Tel: 902-368-3703
Fax: 902-628-8062
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.pei.cpf.ca
Physical address: 40 Enman Crescent, C1E 1E6, Room 275
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