Party Leaders were asked about support for French second-language education on PEI

//Party Leaders were asked about support for French second-language education on PEI

Party Leaders were asked about support for French second-language education on PEI

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Open letter from Canadian Parents for French PEI to:

All Party Leaders

One of the cornerstones of Canada’s national identity is the country’s two official languages – English and French. Canadian Parents for French (CPF PEI), an organization which values French as integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French second-Language learning opportunities for young Canadians, believes that this Provincial Election offers candidates an opportunity to bring Official Languages to the fore as their party seeks to engage with the Prince Edward island electorate.

On May 4th, 2015, voters will choose the next Prince Edward Island government leaders who best understand the issues important to Islanders. One of those issues, CPF believes, is access by Island children and youth to a French Second Language (FSL) education.

Therefore, on behalf of our 800 members, CPF PEI is submitting two questions for your consideration and response by April 24, 2015. On April 29, we will release your responses to the media, post them on our web site – – and share them with our members across PEI.

Official Languages matter to Islanders, and no doubt they matter to you as well. Thank you in advance for responding to our questions and for making certain that Official Languages and FSL education are among the issues discussed during your leadership campaign.


Brittany Jakubiec

PF PEI President

Question on Official Language Bilingualism

How do you see Canada’s Official Language Bilingualism playing a role in a competitive global economy where languages like Mandarin and Spanish, to name two, are growing in importance as dominant international languages?

Question on French Second Language (FSL) Programs in Canada

Do you believe that all Island youth are entitled to learn both official languages through access to French Second Language (FSL) education? If you do, what will your government do to ensure that Island children have unfettered access to quality FSL education programs on PEI?   If you do not, why not?


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