Temporary Job Opportunity with CPF PEI/CLOSED

//Temporary Job Opportunity with CPF PEI/CLOSED

Temporary Job Opportunity with CPF PEI/CLOSED

The successful candidate must be EI Eligible as this is a project through Skills PEI, specifically Work Experience.  To see if you are eligible for this job please visit HERE.

Begins February 12, 2018

Ends    May 11, 2018 (14 weeks)

Interviews:  Not all candidates will be selected for an interview but we will contact all candidates to let them know if they are selected or not. We will make our best effort to accommodate a reasonable schedule for all those that we wish to interview.

Terms of Employment: temporary, full time 40 hours @ $516 per week for 14 weeks.
Apply to: send resume and cover letter to Gail Lecky, Executive Director at [email protected] before February 3, 2018.

Project Objectives

  • In order to manage business interruptions, many organizations have traditionally relied on disaster contingency recovery plans. Although these plans have been important to organizations, they reflect a primarily reactive approach and do not provide comprehensive guidelines for disruption forecasting, risk management, or long-term recovery. A business continuity plan, on the other hand, aims to “eliminate or reduce the impact of a disaster condition before the condition occurs.”

The successful applicant will research, plan, design and execute a CPF Business Continuity Manual. This will include collaboration with the CPF staff across Canada, conferring with staff and gathering best practices.  This manual would be designed to support those with responsibilities within CPF whether it be senior staff or volunteers and would be a point of reference for those involved in the preparation and provision of projects, programs and the overall continuity of the organization.

Work includes: establish/develop a Business Continuity Plan, including controls, processes, and procedures relevant to improving continuity within the organization.  Specifically: Develop a project plan, timelines, and evaluation framework, and research, gather information, best practices, confer with CPF network, gather information, design format and develop a strategy to maintain the manual. For example, a part of this work will include document all office equipment, dates bought, list of software used, who and how software is updated, who has access etc. ; develop a format for writing procedures, write procedure, reformat current procedures, test, document, file etc.

  • Other work will be assigned as time allows.
  • Complete a Report, clean up files on computer and workstation.


The successful candidate will work out of the CPF PEI offices in Charlottetown.

The candidate’s qualifications shall include:

  • I. eligible;
    Proficient in MS Word, Microsoft access or quarto pro, Publisher, Word perfect
    Able to operate efficiently a fax machine, computer, copier, binder, and laminator
    Internet research skills
    Ability to be multitasked
    Attention to detail
    Previous experience in a non-profit is an asset
    Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
    Ability to manage data and databases
    Ability to work independently
    Excellent English oral, reading and writing skills complemented with the ability to speak, read and write in French is an asset.

CPF PEI‘s background, mandate, and expertise

Founded by English speaking parents in 1977, Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is dedicated to promoting and creating French as a Second Language (FSL) learning opportunities for young Canadians.  We believe that learning a second language not only increases communication, it enhances thinking skills, widens horizons, and develops an appreciation of and respect for other peoples and other cultures.  We see Canada’s two official languages as an opportunity for our children.  We believe that learning both English and French in publicly funded schools is the right of children growing up in an officially bilingual country, is an essential ingredient of a quality Canadian education and a sound investment in our youth and the future of Canada.

Through our nationwide network of committed volunteers, we work to ensure that young Canadians in all parts of the country have opportunities to learn and use French as a second language.  We endeavor to pursue our mission with diligence and excellence because Canadian children deserve our best efforts.

Our background, mandate etc.

CPF has been instrumental in establishing French immersion programs and supporting improvements to and the expansion of core French programs throughout Canada.   In addition, CPF has advocated for:

  • Long-term federal and provincial funding support for FSL programs;
  • Supportive policies on second language education at provincial and school board levels;
  • Improved resources for core and immersion programs, and support services such as enrichment and learning assistance in French for immersion students;
  • Improved teacher training in second language methodology; and
  • Increased course offerings in French post-secondary institutions for students wishing to continue their studies in French beyond high school.

Since its inception, CPF has served as a support network for parents who want their children to learn French, providing them with information, ideas and inspiration.

Recognizing that children need out-of-school experiences with French to reinforce and enhance their learning, CPF has also:

  • Served as a clearinghouse of information on extracurricular opportunities; and
  • Worked independently and in cooperation with other stakeholders to offer such activities.

CPF PEI Business Continuity Manual Project Job description


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