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CPF PEI is a registered organization with the Community Bursary program.

The program is designed to:

The Community Service Bursary program began April 1, 2000.–>

  • offer Island students in Grades 11 and 12, who plan to attend any post-secondary institution, a bursary in recognition of volunteer work performed in their communities;
  • encourage volunteerism, support volunteer organizations and assist young people in achieving their educational goals;
  • improve access for youth to attend post-secondary education by offering financial assistance;
  • increase and encourage attendance at post-secondary institutions;
  • provide youth with new experiences in their communities;
  • develop a sense of community responsibility in youth;
  • develop career and leadership skills; and
  • provide meaningful services in Island communities

Visit the site to see how you can earn tuition credits of up to $500. Then email us at [email protected] to register with us. We have lots of great opportunities such as office work, working with students, judges and more.

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