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QUESTION: If I win in the top division and therefore are able to accept a scholarship, how do I access it when I register at the University?
ANSWER: After each contest is over CPF PEI forwards all the winners’ names to each University or Collége.  You, therefore, do not have to choose a school until you are ready to attend.  When that time comes, contact that registrar, explain that you are looking to access a CPF PEI scholarship/bursary and they will have the amount and your name on file.  They will then apply the scholarship money to your tuition.

QUESTION:  Can I compete for more than one year in the Provincial competition?
ANSWER: Yes, you can compete in grade 10 and then in 11 and again in grade 12.

QUESTION: Can I compete in the National Concours more than once?
ANSWER: Yes you can but if you win first place then you cannot compete twice at the National level.

QUESTION: Will I get any feedback on my speech?
ANSWER: Yes, you will get some feedback on your speech but not a lot.  If you want more then you can ask the judges to elaborate after the contest is over and there is some time for you to do that.

QUESTION: Will I be able to see how I was scored?
ANSWER: No, the forms the judges use are destroyed after the contest. The judging is based on the criteria and the forms are standard, the judges receive a briefing on how to use the scoring grid from the Head Judge.

QUESTION: If I win and attend the National Competition, how do I register for that?
ANSWER: You will be given the contact for the national competition and they will provide you will all the information you need.

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