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In here you will find all the information you need to help you operate a CPF PEI Chapter.

CPF Chapter Orientation “Coles Notes” Version

Best Practices Chapter Financial Support/Membership rebates

Letter of request criminal record check CPF PEI

About CPF and FSL


Benefits of having a CPF Chapter in your school

Canadian Parents for French overview

Description of FSL Education Programs

Issues in FSL Education

Vision Statement


CPF PEI Board of Directors 2019-2020

Home and School Information

H&S Chapter Obligations

Financial Information

Chapter Membership Rebates
What is Fundraising?



Liability and Insurance
Insurance coverage request form

Meeting Information

Meeting Madness


Chapter Checkup


Maintaining a Chapter

Chapter Activity Report

Secretary Information

Chapter Bylaws

Robert’s Rules Guidelines

Taking Minutes

The Secretary’s role in a meeting

Treasurer Information

Treasurer’s Duties

Bank Account Regulations

Creating Financial Policies for your Chapter

Keeping your Books

Preparing your Budget

Reimbursement Policy


Overall Responsibilities of the Board

Recruiting Board Member Information

Roles of Directors

Volunteer Tracking Information


Activity Cost Analysis Form

Banking Information

Budget Report

Financial Report

Funding Application

Membership Form

Minutes Outline

Volunteer Tracking Form

 Advocacy Know How

CPF (BC) Advocacy Toolkit for Parents 





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