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District Advisory Councils

The Family of Schools District Advisory Councils (D.A.C.s) are mandated is to help shape an education system that is focused on and meets the needs of learners, by advising the Minister of Education, Early Learning, and Culture on education matters.

District Advisory Councils Role

  • advise the Minister of Education, Early Learning, and Culture on education issues
  • identify education priorities within their own district Engage school communities in discussions
  • foster collaboration among school councils, home and school associations and the community

District Advisory Councils 

The Public Schools Branch

The Public Schools Branch (PSB) encompasses all 56 English public schools across Prince Edward Island and serves approximately 19,000 students from kindergarten to grade 12.  The PSB is governed by an appointed Board of Directors whose mandate is to:

  • provide strategic direction;
  • set policy;
  • approve the PSB’s budget; and
  • be accountable to students, parents, the community and the Minister of Education for the performance of the PSB.

Public Schools Branch 

The Learning Partners Advisory Council

The Learning Partners Advisory Council is charged with taking a broad look at learning throughout the lifespan from birth to the senior years.


The mandate of the Learning Partners Advisory Council is to provide insight and advice on how best to advance learning excellence and support learners, from the early years through public education, post-secondary, and adult learning, in support of the province’s long-term prosperity and well-being.  Members, minutes etc   Learning Partners Advisory Council Members

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