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Educator of the Year

This award is presented annually to a person who has shown exceptional support and dedication to the quality and availability of French language programs in PEI schools.

The winner is chosen by the Canadian Parents for French PEI Provincial Board of Directors. The award presentation is made publicly during French Celebration Week activities in March. A historical plaque is kept on display at the Department of Education, French Programs, and Services. The prize package is valued at over $500.

The first CPF-PEI Educator of the Year was presented in 1984 to Claire Smitheron. Claire was instrumental in bringing French Immersion to PEI.

In 2012 we celebrated 25 years of this program by awarding a special prize to Imelda Arsenault, the Director of Public Education, past Director of French programs. The party was hosted by Lt. Governor Franck H Lewis at Fanningbank.


In the photo Gail Lecky, Executive Director Canadian Parents for French PEI, April MacNevin, and René Hurtubise, Director of French Programs, Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture.

On March 11 of 2019, CPF-PEI was happy to present April’s award in front of her students, fellow teachers and family. René Hurtubise, Director of French Programs,  Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture was on hand to help make the presentation.

April and the other teachers nominated with her is a testament to the excellence of educators in PEI.

” Mme. MacNevin builds pathways for her students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, risk takers and collaborators. Students can depend on her to provide the guidance, tools, and space for learning. “-Colleague

“Dedication is often hard to come by in today’s face paced world, yet April MacNevin of Gulf Shore Consolidated demonstrates this to the fullest.”-Colleague

” If I were to imagine a dream teacher I would imagine someone who goes above and beyond inside and outside the classroom, be engaged and enthusiastic while teaching.  Lucky for me the dream teacher was a reality”Past Student

“Education is highly valued in our household.  As a family, we discuss the importance of using educational opportunities to build character, skills, and experiences.  Enrolling my children in French Immersion program at Gulf Shore has been the best decision we’ve made due to the quality of teachers like Mme. MacNevin.”Parent

As part of the award, Mme. MacNevin received a banner for her classroom, a trophy, a gift card, and an allowance to support learning in her classroom.

Krista Gallant and students

“My son had the good fortune of being in Krista’s class for both his Grade 5 and Grade 6 years at Sherwood Elementary School. To me, it speaks volumes about the type of teacher Krista is, when a student who has already had her for an entire school year comes home excited and enthused when he finds out that he’ll have the same teacher again for the next year” – Parent

“Every time she is asked to teach a new grade, Krista will approach the task with enthusiasm and professionalism.  She is unafraid of challenges, and will always prioritize what is best for the students and staff of her school”– Colleague

“My daughter always had very positive things to say about her and I found academically, my daughter quickly picked up on things she had previously struggled with in other grades. Ms. Gallant has a way of reaching her students and allowing them to excel in every aspect, academically and personally”-Parent

This and more was said about Madame Gallant.  Even though she was off on maternity leave it was not hard to get her to the school for the presentation, as she was dropping in once a week to check on things!

Jordan Brown, Minister; René Hurtubise, Director of French Programs; and Karen Redmond , PSB representative was on hand for the presentation.

This year’s recipient is Guylaine Marois a French Immersion teacher at Parkside Elementary, Summerside. Over the past number of years, Guylaine has been nominated three times.

“She worked tirelessly to foster a real love of learning in her classroom. She was always letting us know what was happening in the classroom via her blog which also included some very helpful ideas and links to help parents and children with different concepts in literacy and math.”-Parent

“I would love to express my gratitude to Guylaine for her love and dedication in teaching French to children and adults of all ages.”.. I have seen firsthand how creative and unique her teaching methods are”-Parent

“Guylaine arrived in our province in the role of French Monitor in 2002 at Bloomfield Elementary with a desire to share her French Canadian culture and personal goal of learning to speak more English. Guylaine quickly won the hearts of students and staff alike, she engaged students in enjoyable, educational activities that made them think they were not learning but having fun”-Colleague

This is an example of the level of excellence of educators who get nominated for this award but also evidence of excellence to Guylaine’s continued impact on the students, staff, and parents she comes into contact with.

It was with great pleasure that CPF-PEI along with Minister Currie, all Parkside students, fellow teachers including her nominator Paul Koberinski, René Hurtubise, Director of French Programs; Parker Grimmer, Public Schools Branch; and school administration presented Guylaine with her award.

As part of the award, Madame Marois received a banner for her classroom, a trophy, a gift card and an allowance to support learning in her classroom.

Nancy Kitson 2016 President

It was with great pleasure that CPF-PEI along with all the FI Kindergarten students, Minister
Currie, fellow teachers and administration, her family, and lastly her students, were in attendance on April 27th, 2016 to present this award. As part of the award Madame Kitson received prizes including a Mimeo Teach Interactive System; technology that turns any whiteboard into an interactive board, a banner for her classroom, a trophy, a gift card and an allowance for her classroom.

It was with great pleasure that CPF-PEI along with his students; René Hurtubise, Director of French Programs; school staff ; Eunice MacIntyre, English Language School Board were in attendance to present this award.

“M. Couture is one of the rare gems in education and in particular the French education community who gives his all, shows his passion for language and his love for learning.”-fellow teacher and nominator Sharon Howatt

“M. Couture started his teaching career in New Brunswick in 1984 coming to PEI in 1986. After 31 years of teaching he is still known as a flexible team player that wants the best for his students.”– Brenda Larsen, a curriculum specialist with the Department

“I have witnessed the joy and creativity that Terry brings to his classroom each and every day.”-Parent

As part of the award M. Couture (M. Terry)  received over $1000 in prizes including a Mimeo Teach Interactive System; technology that turns any white board into an interactive board, a banner for his classroom, a trophy, a gift card and an allowance for his classroom or to further his education.

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