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What is French Immersion?

French immersion is a form of bilingual education in which a child who does not speak French as his or her first language receives instruction in school in French. In most French-immersion schools, children will learn to speak French and learn most subjects such as history, music, geography, math, art, physical education and science in French.

French immersion programming spread rapidly from its original start in Canada in the 1970s. French Immersion education is optional and not compulsory. Parents have the choice in sending their children to schools that offer such programming. Students are encouraged to begin communicating in French as consistently as possible. Teachers in French Immersion schools are competent in speaking French, having acquired specific French as a Second Language qualifications to teach all subjects in French.[1] Classroom communication of French in French Immersion programs is meaningful and authentic for students. Learning French becomes subconscious and there is a strong focus on understanding before speaking. Most students that enrol in French Immersion programs are not experts in French and lack experience in it. Students in French Immersion programs complete the same core curriculum subjects as students in the Core program.[2]

The French Immersion was designed to (a) capitalize on children’s ability to learn language naturally and effortlessly; (b) take advantage of their social ability and open attitudes to language and culture; (c) reflect on the building blocks of language by emphasizing the use of languages for communication and (d) not stopping the children from participating in native language development, academic achievement or general cognitive development.[3]

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The French House International Bookstore

The Bookstore is a division of La Maison Anglaise International Bookstore and together, we have more than thirty years experience working with educational services regarding second languages.  Some of the web site is in English and they ar available to help you choose a book for your child. .

This is the link to our website :  Feel free to browse through it to have more information on the services we offer and the different collections that are available.  The literary world is in constant evolution and so is our website with new titles being added regularly.

Top 10 Benefits of Early Language Learning

Learning a new language at any age is an enormously rewarding experience in many ways. While language learning is an enriching experience for all ages, children have the most to gain from this wonderful adventure. Quite simply, starting early offers the widest possible set of benefits and opportunities. >>READ MORE

PEI Educational System

Please note PEI amalgamated the Eastern and Western School Boards as of January 2013, as of 2016 there are no more School Boards run by elected trustees, we now have a Public Schools Branch which is part of the Government of PEI.

Public Schools Branch
La Commission scolaire de langue française (CSLF) de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
PEI Teachers Federation

French Immersion Schools on PEI (as of 2018)

Education 20/20 is a National Non-for-profit whose purpose is to encourage and support a quality education for every Canadian.

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CPF ON has created resources to help CPF parents support their children in their FSL education. You can download Homework Help Tip Sheets from our website. We hope you find them helpful!

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