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Never before have FSL resources been so easily accessible.

CPF PEI Developed Activites

Downloadable FREE Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, French Movie Night.. see them all HERE

1) See the introduction to this new online tool. Then check out: Transforming FSL & share your discovery.

 2)  Relax, unwind and discover Canada’s legends

Explore our country’s rich history through amazing stories about the men and women who helped build and shape the Canada we know today. Do you know the story of Big Bear? Find it in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, a free, bilingual online resource that’s sure to have something for everyone. Your linguistic challenge: Read the same article in French!

3) Revitalize your space with language!

  • Boost your linguistic memory with color and posters! Using pictures coupled with terminology in English and French will help you increase your vocabulary and learn related words. The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages offers free bilingual, printable coloring pages featuring summer sports and winter sports. Download yours today, color them and share them on Twitter and Facebook in both official languages or just in French!
  • Spice up your surroundings with free bilingual posters from the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages. Our posters are the perfect complement to any learning environment and offer subtle access to names of professionals and marine animals in both English and French.

4) If you like solving puzzles or playing strategic games, why not think about one involving language?

  • Solve a word search or crossword puzzle in French. Browse through the variety of free games available online (search mots mêlés or mots croisés) or head to your local bookstore or variety store and scan the shelves for treasures!
  • For a more hands-on experience, the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages has developed a fun origami game to help inspire you to read, write, speak and listen in your second official language. You can download the game for free in English or French.

The Children’s Rights Activity Guide is available on the Agency’s website and contains various activities for teaching children and youth about their rights through a variety of means. For example, discussion-based activities allow children to brainstorm and dialogue about their rights. Games-based activities encourage children to create dramatic performances and play charades to visually enact themes of the UNCRC. Activities from the guide are aimed at children aged 4 years to 14 and older.

5)  For younger children, the National Child Day website contains a National Children’s Day Classroom.

Along with new projects and lessons, they have also created an archive of last year’s articles for educators to reference and use all year long.  They have trivia every day to challenge students of all ages, and added recipes that can be made at home or in the classroom. This year, crosswords and word searches are a challenging addition, too!

6) As the holiday season sneaks up on you, have these FREE French Christmas activities ready to go. Yes, they’re all free!

7)  Here’s a list of free online resources for French teachers because there can never be enough options to offer meaningful practice for our students, right?

8) Links to IDÉLLO, the Language Portal of Canada and more.

Teaching French? Check out these websites – wonderful resources for you!

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